Bees and Queens


***Single Deep and Double Deep Colonies also available on request

Start (or continue) your beekeeping journey with our 5-frame nucleus colonies (nucs) for pick up around the third week of May. We select all of our queens from our breeding program for gentleness, overwintering capabilities, honey production and disease resistance.

This is what we call a solid brick layer!

Each nuc, priced at $250, is set up with 3 frames of mostly capped brood, one foundation being (or already) drawn out, and one frame of food (mix of honey, nectar, pollen, and bee bread). 

Overflowing with bees, your nucs should be transferred into single deep boxes, within 7-10 days, to prevent swarming. 

They should be ready to go into production 5-6 weeks later. Given proper care, you should be getting a little late summer honey harvest (at least, we do every year from our own nucs, set up as production hives). 

Reserve your nucs today via email: or text Joe at 416-994-3248. 

Limited supply from our overwintered queens. 

***$100 non-refundable deposit required per nuc. 

***$10 deposit per nuc box (refundable upon return)

Pick up your nucs at our apiary in lovely Beaver Valley. 

More nucs will become available in June, from our newly-mated queens (assessed before being sent to a new home).

Picking Up Live Bees

You are picking up live bees. It is your responsibility to arrange for safe and secure transportation of your nucs. We recommend the following:

  • Avoid transporting them in the trunk of a vehicle, to prevent overheating 
  • Use an open-air vehicle like the back of a pick-up truck or uncovered trailer to ensure appropriate airflow – cool and well-ventilated
  • Alternatively, set the nucs on back seat of your vehicle – assume that if you are comfortable, your bees will be
  • Bring rope and ratchet straps to secure the nucs for transportation

***Once you have left our apiary, we cannot be held responsible for the health of the bees.


We only sell Queens from our breeding program, fully-adapted to our climate. We do not sell imported Queens.

We select our queens primarily for gentleness, overwintering capabilities, honey production and disease resistance.

Fully-mated Queens are normally available from the beginning of June to the end of August.

Capped Queen Cell

$50 per mated Queen.

Queen cells available on request. Please contact Joe via email at or via text at 416-994-3248.

Canada-wide shipping available, to be quoted at time of purchase. For shipping purposes, minimum order of 6 Queens.

Queen Cell Bar Frame