Alain and Jocelyn have built  a relaxing oasis nestled in the pristine Beaver Valley resulting from cultivating decades worth of horticultural expertise, drawing on a keen eye for design and a passion for the natural world.

Both from Trois-Rivières, Québec, Alain and Jocelyn met attending law school at Université Laval in 1989. After moving to Toronto, Alain studied education at University of Toronto and became a French Immersion teacher. He first taught for the Toronto District School Board, then for Bluewater District School Board, where he is currently employed. 

Jocelyn worked towards his translation degree at Glendon College, York University. While working as a translator for the Law Society of Upper Canada and Shoppers Drug Mart he then pursued a career in aviation with Air Canada in 1998, as a flight attendant, and has been flying since then, now primarily on long haul flights all over the world including favourites like Mumbai, Paris, Buenos Aires, and Miami.

Alain and Jocelyn founded Artemesia Daylilies in 2003 after a hobby grew, literally, into a burgeoning daylily farm business with over 1,400 stunning daylily cultivars, along with countless seedlings they’ve hybridized along the way. When they moved to their current location in 2014, they narrowed it down to 700 varieties; only the best and most popular made the cut. 

As for the bees, well, that started a long time ago in Jocelyn’s nature-oriented mind. Reading everything available on the topic, he laid the foundation for building a solid knowledge base, now performing at a consulting level for others who are interested in starting this important and fascinating hobby.

Currently, in addition to running a successful daylily farm, and continuing to work with Air Canada, Jocelyn manages his very busy schedule by choice rather than by necessity. Colony inspections and pest/ disease management are always on the weekly calendar; and excitingly, he is building his expertise with the new task of queen rearing, another facet of the many rewards of running a sustainable apiary. Jocelyn understands that the more one knows about bee biology and beekeeping management techniques, the better that he and his consulting clients will be able to assess and react to different curve balls thrown their way. 

While Jocelyn is more involved in the actual hive management, Alain’s support is invaluable during the prep season and extraction time.

Please drop by their farm and discover the amazing world of the bees, daylilies and take a peek at their inventory of Colombian hides through Hide and Chic.  

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