Note on Covid-19: Within the current COVID guidelines, we’d like to keep social distancing in mind, for your safety and ours. Suits and veils are deep-cleaned after each use and kept unused for a 7-day period.

OTHER LANGUAGES: Tours can also be conducted in French and Spanish upon request.


Bees’ invaluable pollination services have been studied and analysed in great detail over the past 4,000 years, passed along in folklore and books. During this beekeeping immersion tour we will demystify the subtle exchanges between these unbelievable insects.

  • Have you ever been near a hive and taken a close look at this highly social insect?
  • Do you know how queens are made? (Yes, queens are made, they do not inherit the crown!)
  • Can you spot a queen, a worker or a drone?
  • Have you ever seen the interior of a hive abuzz with activity, thousands of bees going about their busy lives towards the ultimate goal – making honey as a survival tool?

Take a real look at the very important work that gets done in a hive and find out the answers to these questions in the Beekeeping Immersion Tour. While this introduction to the world of beekeeping does not by any means replace full courses on hive and colony management, it will give you an idea of what responsible and sustainable beekeeping is and what is required from the beekeeper to have healthy and populous colonies.

Ready for the Bees



  • talk about the importance of the many species of bees
  • explain the different castes of bees and their roles
  • explore the many components of a hive
  • describe the swarming mechanism
  • give an overview of the honey-making process, from pollen and nectar gathering to cell capping and extraction
  • show the different products associated with honey bees
  • allow participants to ask as many questions as they please (careful though – we can talk for hours about bees!)
  • get dressed in a beekeeping suit or vest, according to your comfort level being around bees


  • light up the smoker and learn about its use
  • open up a smaller hive unit (a ‘nuc’) to get familiar with the sights and sounds of being surrounded by bees
  • look for the queen, eggs and larvae
  • learn about queen rearing and its importance
  • open up a much bigger hive and see how thousands of bees work in unison
  • peek into honey supers (compartments into which the bees store the nectar to make honey)
  • if during appropriate time of year, retrieve a frame of honey and taste it straight from the comb!

Tours are typically 2 hours and start at 10:00 a.m. Custom start times can be booked upon request.

Minimum number of participants: 4
Maximum number of participants: 10
Minimum age: 6 years old.

Contact Joe to book a tour:
Mobile: 416.994.3248

RATES (HST applies)

Seniors (60+):
Children 6 – 18:


* Payment can be made by cash, Visa/MC or eTransfer to
* All tours are weather dependent and subject to change
* A waiver of liability must be signed by all participants or their parent or legal guardian


We strongly urge everyone to wear light-coloured tops and pants. For everyone’s safety, please wear closed-toe shoes (preferably rain or rubber boots). While it is optional for participants to wear full-on suits or a vest, the use of a veil is mandatory in the bee yard. The tour is informal and is done at a pace to your comfort level.


We usually conclude the tour around 12 p.m. Refreshments will be served (lattes, water and juice). You are more than welcome to bring your own lunch and set up in the barn where there are tables and chairs (nice and cool in summer), walk around the property to admire the lily and hosta gardens ( or take a look at our showroom of exotic Colombian cowhides (

For off-site eating we recommend:

  • In the village of Kimberley, there is the Kimberley General Store (voted Ontario’s best General Store!) for amazing sourdough bread,  banana bread and other tasty things or Justin’s Oven next door.
  • Hearts restaurant is also in the village of Kimberley with indoor and outdoor dining as well as takeout.